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Strawbucks – Private Garden

Strawbucks – Private Garden Year: 2016 Genre: Pop TRACK LIST: 1- Time Seemed to Flow (feat. Dr. Moonlight) 2- Let’s Go Out (feat. Dr. Moonlight) 3- I’m Fallin’ (feat. Bakedal) 4- Stay (feat. JH Lee) 5- I Close My Eyes (feat. Dr. Moonlight) 6- Blow Gently (feat. Dr. Moonlight) 7- The Coffee That I Had

Strawbucks – 딸기다방 – EP

스트로벅스 (Strawbucks) – 딸기다방 Release Date: 2015.08.10 Genre: Electronica, Ballad TRACK LIST: 01. 커피 로맨티카 (With 바케달) 02. 어디세요_ (With Joy Joo) 03. 선데이 서울 (With 십장생) 04. 달빛향기 (With 바케달) 05. 너를 위한 발라드 (With 범군) 06. 사랑은 선착순 (With 강변북로 최마담) MP3-320K . .
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