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[Single] Na Yoon Kwon, Nine (Dear Cloud), Linus’ Blanket, Sonnet Son, U SUNGEUN – The Birth Of A Song Part.1

나윤권 (Na Yoon Kwon) , 나인 (디어 클라우드) Nine (Dear Cloud) , 라이너스의 담요 (Linus’ Blanket) , 손승연 (Sonnet Son) , 유성은 (U SUNGEUN) – 노래의 탄생 Part.1 (The Birth Of A Song Part.1) Release Date: 2016.04.30 Genre: Ballad Bit rate: MP3-320K TRACK LIST ***Listen online & individual tracks: .   ***Download Zip file: .

[Single] Sonnet Son – Warm and Cozy OST Part 5

손승연 (Sonnet Son) – 맨도롱 또똣 OST Part 5 (Warm and Cozy OST Part 5) Release Date: 2015.06.11 Genre: OST Bit Rate: MP3-320K Track List: 01. 널 위한거야 02. 널 위한거야 (Inst.) ***Listen online & individual tracks: Google Drive ***Download Zip file: Mega

Sonnet Son, Oh Jun Sung – The King’s Face OST Part 3

  손승연 (Sonnet Son), 오준성 (Oh Jun Sung) – 왕의 얼굴 OST Part 3 (The King’s Face OST Part 3) Release Date: 2015.01.08 Genre: OST Bit Rate: 320K Track List: 01. 그대라서 – 손승연 02. 그대라서 (Inst.) – 손승연 03. Prince Be Ambitious – 오준성 04. Secret Party – 오준성 05. Jade Love – 오준성

[Single] Sonnet Son – The First Snow’s Falling

손승연 (Sonnet Son) – 첫눈이 온다구요 (The First Snow’s Falling)Release Date: 2014.12.04Genre: BalladBit Rate: 320K Track List:01. 첫눈이 온다구요02. 첫눈이 온다구요 (Inst.) ***Listen online & individual tracks: Google Drive ***Download Zip file: Mega || SFshare

Sonnet Son – Sonnet Blooms – EP (FLAC)

손승연 (Sonnet Son) – Sonnet Blooms Release Date: 2014.07.30 Genre: Ballad Track List: 01. 다시 너를 02. 미친게 아니라구요 (feat. MC 스나이퍼) 03. 너의 목소리가 들려 04. 살만해졌어 05. 매일 다른 눈물이 06. 다시 너를 (Inst.) 07. 미친게 아니라구요 (feat. MC 스나이퍼) (Inst.) 08. 너의 목소리가 들려 (Inst.) 09. 살만해졌어 (Inst.) 10. 매일 다른 눈물이
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