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A June & J Beat, OCTOBER – January to October

에이준, J Beat, 악토버(OCTOBER) – January to October Year: 2017 Genre: Rap / Hip-hop TRACK LIST: 1. After sorrow, Joy 2. February 2 Love (Feat. SkyBlew) 3. Sping Rain 4. Lapis Blue 5. Anemone 6. Your Name (Feat. Nieve) 7. Last night, we were like.. (지난밤, 우린 그렇게) 8. Oh, My D`artagnan (나의 달타냥) 9.

A June & J Beat – By Destiny

A June & J Beat – By Destiny Release Date: 2015.01.12 Genre: Rap Bit Rate: 320K Track List: 01. Seasons Change (Feat. Kasper, CL a.k.a Chaotic Lynk) 02. Season In The Sun 03. Brooklyn Love (Feat. Eaze a.k.a DJ Ezasscul) (Hidden Mix) 04. When I Was Your Man 05. A Night In Jeon Ju 06.

A June & J Beat – Spring Love

A June & J Beat – Spring Love Release Date: 2014.05.30 Genre: Rap Bit Rate: 320K Track List: 01. Commin` Up (Intro) 02. Something Don`t Feel Right(Feat. Richard Raw) 03. Factory Girl(Feat. Landon Wordswell) 04. No Brochures(Feat. SkyBlew, Faith) 05. If It Hadn`t Been For You (Feat. Jeff Bernat, Substantial) 06. Something Don`t Feel Right

A June & J Beat – Soul Store (B-Side)

에이준(A June), J Beat – Soul Store (B-Side) Release Date: 2014.07.18 Genre: Rap Bit rate: MP3-320K Track List: 01. ntro – Fear Eats The Soul 02. You Don`t Know My Name (Feat. Da Rebel Cause, Catalyst) 03. Free(Feat. Flaco Flow Y Melanina) 04. Grand Masters (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede) 05. Respeto Pa La Calle (Feat.
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