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2LSON – Mona Lisa (FLAC)

Artist: 2LSON Album: ¸모나리자 (Mona Lisa) Genre: R&B / Soul Year: 20171219 TRACK LIST: 01. Help Me (Feat. 위니, 동하 Of Meither) 02. Still Here (Feat. 소울맨) 03. Mona Lisa (Feat. 장한나) 04. 떨리지가 않아 (Feat. 알맹) 05. Shooting Star (Feat. 케이트 킴, 니화) 06. 기억 (Feat. 찬호 Of Meither) 07. Look Into My Eyes

2LSON – Wild Card – EP

2LSON – Wild Card – EP Artist: 2LSON Album: Wild Card Genre: R&B / Soul Year: 2013.11.18 TRACK LIST: 1- SlowJam1 (Feat. Evo) 2- Funny Or Not (Feat. Paloalto & 계범주 & 한결 For Laybacksound) 3- Emotion (Feat. 딘딘 & Crybaby) 4- Butterfly (Feat. Zion & Huckleberry P) 5- SlowJam2 (Feat. 김폴) MP3-320K . .

2LSON – The First

2LSON – The First Release Date: 2012.12.18 Genre: Ballad, Dance Bit Rate: MP3-320K TRACK LIST: 01. No Way (feat. ZioN) 02. Too Late (feat. Bumkey, Paloalto) 03. 후 (feat. 정승원) 04. Break (Nar. ZioN, Noel) (feat. 효빈) 05. Bye Bye (feat. Esna) 06. All I See (feat. Soulman) 07. So Merry Christmas (feat. 양은선) 08.

[Single] 2LSON – Nothing

투엘슨 (2LSON) – Nothing Release Date: 2016.02.29 Genre: R&B / Soul Bitrate: MP3-320K TRACK LIST ***Listen online & individual tracks: GOOGLE DRIVE ***Download Zip file: VK || DBREE

2LSON – Vol.2 1 Year

2LSON – 2집 1 Year Release Date: 2015.11.04 Bit rate: MP3-320K TRACK LIST: 1. Chatter (Problem girl Inst.) 2. Problem girl (Feat. 나경원, 딘딘) 3. 하루 같은 일년 (Feat. Babylon, 니화) (TITLE) 4. Feel the air (Feat. 봉구, Evo) 5. Back in love (Inst.) 6. Love goodbye (Feat. 계범주) 7. This song (Feat. LE of

[Single] 2lson – Stay With Me

투엘슨 (2lson) – Stay With Me Release Date: 2015.01.16 Genre: R&B Bit Rate: 320K Track List: 01. Stay With Me (Feat. 강민희, Evo) 02. Stay With Me (Inst.) ***Listen online & individual tracks: Google Drive ***Download Zip file: Mega || SFshare

[Single] 2LSON – The End

  2LSON – 끝 (The End) Release Date: 2014.12.19 Genre: R&B Bit Rate: 320K Track List: 01. 끝 (Feat. 조현아, 기리보이) 02. 끝 (Inst.) ***Listen online & individual tracks: Google Drive ***Download Zip file: Mega || SFshare

[Single] 2LSON – On The Street

투엘슨 (2LSON) – 거리에서 (On The Street) Release Date: 2014.10.24 Genre: R&B Bit Rate: MP3-320K Track List: 01. 거리에서 (Feat. 문명진) 02. 거리에서 (Inst.) .
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