[Show] 140213 MBC Every1 EXO’s Showtime E12 END

EXO’s Showtime – 응답 버라이어티
EXO’s long awaited new on-air variety show, EXO SHOWTIME will be airing on MBC Every1 starting this November. Expect never before seen footage of their daily lives and more! From now till then, fans can leave questions on their board and EXO will answer them personally! http://www.mbcplus.com/EXO/ This will start airing on the 28th of November!

Genres: Lifestyle & Variety, Music
Country: Korea
Original title: 응답 버라이어티
Volunteer Channel Team: Tree of Life Team  The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: MBC Every 1
Rating: PG-13

EP01 : 1080i | 720p
EP02 : 1080i | 720p
EP03 : 1080i | 720p
EP04 : 1080i | 720p
EP05 : 1080i | 720p
EP06 : 1080i | 720p
EP07 : 1080i | 720p
EP08 : 1080i | 720p
EP09 : 1080i | 720p
EP10 : 1080i | 720p
EP11 : 1080i | 720p
EP12 END : 1080i | 720p

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