OrKonic – Built-in 303: OVERCOME

OrKonic – Built-in 303: OVERCOME
Released: 2021/12/14
Genre: K-Pop

01. cheeZe
02. donDok (feat. Sms, Playing Boy)
03. Bands on (feat. honnjigu)
04. Nowadays (feat. Rei)
05. idon’tmissOut
06. neverland!
07. do it for Love
08. magenta! (feat. ArchArt, semin, 5zzang)
09. deepsnowLove (feat. 5zzang)
10. realiZe + do it for Love remix (feat. EUNCH, 5zzang, Kanghui, semin, Lif, ArchArt)

MP3 320Kbps



FLAC 16B-44.1kHz

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