Mild Beats – Never Sold Out (Remastered)

Mild Beats – Never Sold Out (Remastered)
Year: 2018
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

1- Intro (Remastered)
2- W.M.W (Inst.) [feat. DJ Switch & DJ Toon] [Remastered]
3- Beholder (Inst.) [feat. DJ Switch & DJ Toon] [Remastered]
4- 사내들의 글자놀음 (Inst.) [Remastered]
5- Death (Interlude) [Remastered]
6- Death (Inst.) [Remastered]
7- 전초전 (Inst.) – 싸움구경 (Interlude) [Remastered]
8- 싸움구경 (Inst.) [feat. DJ Switch & DJ Toon] [Remastered]
9- Against (Inst.) [Remastered]
10- 지배자 (Inst.) [Remastered]
11- 2인조 강도 (Inst.) [Remastered]
12- Keep (Inst.) [feat. DJ Keri & Nicolson] [Remastered]
13- Renegade (Inst.) [Remastered]
14- 그날밤, 혼자서, 그곳에 서서 (Inst.) [Remastered]
15- Deal With Us (Bigdeal Anthem 2007) [Bonus Track] [feat. Dead’p, Deepflow, 마르코, Addsp2ch, Nextplan, 다이나마이트 & Ignito] [Remastered]

1- Rhymes & Beats (Inst.) [Remastered]
2- MFU (Inst.) [feat. The Z] [Remastered]
3- 개척자 (Inst.) [Remastered]
4- 비가 오던 날 (Inst.) [Remastered]
5- 추격전 (Inst.) [feat. Daephal] [Remastered]
6- 적과의 동침 (Inst.) [feat. DJ Skip] [Remastered]
7- 흔들리는 거리 (Inst.) [Remastered]
8- 예전과는 다른 (Inst.) [Remastered]
9- 영광의 나날 (Inst.) [Remastered]
10- 잊어가는 법 (Inst.) [Remastered]
11- Outro (Remastered)
12- Ya Know Ma Name [Bonus Track] [feat. Nextplan] [Remastered]

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