Kim Yon Ja – Song Is In Fact Tourist Train

Kim Yon Ja – Song Is In Fact Tourist Train
Released: 2012
Genre: Folk

1. You Know My Heart
2. I Will Not Only Love (Instrumental Version)
3. With You
4. Prunus Tomentosa (Instrumental Version)
5. Choejinsadaek Third Daughter
6. Return To Pusan Port (Instrumental Version)
7. Beloved Pier
8. Moulin Degree Are Episode (Instrumental Version)
9. With Star With the Moon
10. I Miss You (Instrumental Version)
11. I Am Stupid Person
12. Song of Katusa (Instrumental Version)
13. Port of Earth
14. Tower of Collapsed Love (Instrumental Version)
15. Blowing the Whistle
16. Incheon Port of Farewell (Instrumental Version)
17. Duman River That Wet Because of Tear
18. Don’t Cry Hongdo (Instrumental Version)
19. Call That Is You
20. I’m 17 Years Old (Instrumental Version)
21. Come and See Me
22. You Know My Heart
23. Do not Ask Past
24. Cloud Traveler (Instrumental Version)
25. Young Men and Women
26. Come and See Me (Instrumental Version)
27. I Really Didn’t Know
28. Paulownia Tree Leaf (Instrumental Version)
29. Samcheonpo Young Lady
30. Youthful Confession (Instrumental Version)
31. Beloved Ship Is Leaving
32. Wharf (Instrumental Version)
33. Small Round Frog Tune
34. Heartless Person (Instrumental Version)
35. The Pusan Rail Road Station of Separation
36. Deep Gratitude Age (Instrumental Version)
37. Flower Carriage
38. Hong Kong’s Young Lady (Instrumental Version)
39. Faraway Hometown
40. The Bakdal Hill That Cry and Exceed (Instrumental Version)
41. Goodbye
42. Nilriri Mambo (Instrumental Version)
43. Please Bring That Person
44. Pop Folk Song Cha Cha Cha (Instrumental Version)





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