East Frog – East Blue

East Frog – East Blue
Released: 2022-07-02
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

01. East Blue (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
02. Machete (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
03. Royal Anchor (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
04. Island (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
05. This Feeling (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
06. Know you got it (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood, Hasil)
07. Dawn (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood, langman)
08. The Last Bus (feat. Man.K.Rap, Rawood)
09. Asan-ro (feat. Odd95, Yoon Seong Hoon, Man.K.Rap, Rawood, JELLYBIRD, NOIR KIM, Publicnoise, Wa Sean, JMK, Bongdreww, Sunjoy, Gilza

MP3 320Kbps



FLAC 16B-44.1kHz

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