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W&Whale – Hardboiled

W&Whale – Hardboiled
Year: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: MP3-320K

1. MacGuffin, No. 1
2. 오빠가 돌아왔다 Big Brother Strikes Back
3. Stardust
4. Morning Star
5. 아가사 크리스티의 이중생활 The Double Life of Agatha Christie
6. R.P.G Shine
7. MacGuffin, No. 2
8. 월광 月狂 Madness of the Moon
9. Too Young to Die (Too Drunk to Live)
10. 고양이 사용 설명서 Cat Usage Manual
11. Whale Song
12. R.P.G (Rocket Punch Generation)
13. 최종병기 그녀 She’s the Ultimate Weapon
14. Dear My Friend
15. MacGuffin, No. 3
16. 우리의 해피엔드 Our Happy End




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