Various Artists – BC Street Box Project

Various Artists – BC Street Box Project
Released: 2015
Genre: K-Pop

1. 드디어 오늘 밤 Tonight Starlight (feat. 장재인) – The Dylan
2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (feat. 에디킴) – CORONA
3. 흑백 Black and White (feat. 조정치) – Yoon Seul
4. Same Same (BC STREET BOX Version) – Mr. Geppetto
5. 옥 Prison and Jade (BC STREET BOX Version) – Peacock
6. 그대 오늘도 잘해냈어요 You’ve Done Well, Today (BC STREET BOX Version) – Choi Han Sol
7. 사랑은 타이밍이지 Love is Timing (Winter Version) – Le Merymos
8. Blind – UINMAN
9. 내가 야식 먹는 이유 The Reason I Eat Late-Night Snacks (BC STREET BOX Version) – Almond
10. 나였으면 해 With Me – Nanifreeze
11. 기다린 다섯달 Five Months of Waiting – P-dul



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