Uhuhboo Project – The Record of a Detective Named VAGABOND

어어부 프로젝트 (Uhuhboo Project) – 탐정명 나그네의 기록 (The Record of a Detective Named VAGABOND)
Release Date: 2014.12.18
Genre: Rock
Bit Rate: MP3-320K

1- Start
2- About the Record of a Detective Named Vagabond
3- Icy Road and the Cliff
4- Dopamine
5- Something Personal
6- Yellow Life
7- Swimming
8- Lighter
9- Someone Else’s Shoes
10- Mind and Brain
11- To Client Lee Chang-Sook
12- Lava
13- 0509
14- Supercutout (Etude of Vagabond)
15- In Real Time
16- Replacement Driver
17- Solar New Year’s Day
18- The End

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