Primary Skool – Step Under The Metro

Primary Skool – Step Under The Metro
Released: 2006-09-28
Genre: K-Pop

01. Intro
02. Seoul Street (Feat. 각나그네, Paloalto)
03. Infatuate (Feat. Paloalto)
04. Still Alright (Feat. 각나그네)
05. Step Under The Metro
06. Half-time Love (Feat. P-Type, Anna)
07. Do that (Feat. Jinbo)
08. 날개짓, Pt. 2 (Feat. Dead’ P)
09. So Much Soul (Feat. MC Meta, P-Type)
10. Strange People
11. Skit
12. Sol (Feat. TBNY)
13. 작업의 정석 (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
14. Callin’ (Feat. Rhymebus)
15. 지붕 위의 바이올린 (Feat. 가리온)
16. Skit
17. Moonlight (Feat. Kebee, The Quiett, Rhyme-A-, Anna)
18. Anarchy (Feat. 각나그네)
19. Exit Music
20. (Hidden Track)

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