Meeting Project (Kwon Jin Won, Hahn Choong Wan, Kang Eun Il) – 만남 (MANNAM)

프로젝트 만남 (권진원, 한충완, 강은일) – 만남 (Mannam)
Release Date: 2014.05.22
Genre: Korean Traditional
Bit Rate: MP3-320K

Track List:
01. 만남 (MANNAM / Rendez-Vous)
02. 봄밤의 매화 (Plum blossoms on a spring night)
03. 벗벗을 마중하러 가는 길 (On the way to meet an old friend)
04. 달빛 (Moonlight)
05. 소나무처럼 (Like a pine tree)
06. 흰 구름 (White clouds)
07. 산중 (Deep in the mountains)
08. 순환 (Cycles)



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