KhaN – Vol.1 Kingdom of the Khan

칸 (KhaN) – 1집 Kingdom of the Khan
Release Date: 2014.08.19
Genre: R&B, Indie

Track List:
01. Kingdom Of The Khan (Feat.리틀에스,Keys 스킴)
02. Crazy (Feat.리틀에스)
03. All Ready Cold Lady?(올레리꼴레리Live Arrangement) Album Ver.
04. Deep Love (Vocal. 칸)
05. 기억해 (Feat. 리틀에스)
06. Feel Me (Feat. 리틀에스, Guitar 박주원)
07. Break Down (Feat. 리틀에스) Album Ver.
08. The Road (Feat. 노엘)
09. Leave You Alone (Feat. 노엘,리틀에스)Album Ver.
10. Sleep Sleep (Vocal. 칸)
11. Sexy Baby (Feat. 리틀에스)
12. Stop It (Feat. 리틀에스)Album Ver.
13. All Ready Cold Lady?(올레리꼴레리) (Feat. 리틀에스) Album Ver.




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