House Rulez – Vol.5 ROAD TO VENUE

하우스룰즈 (House Rulez) – 5집 ROAD TO VENUE (공연장 가는길)
Release Date: 2014.06.16
Genre: Electronic
Bit rate: MP3-320K

Track List:
01. Morning Call
02. Rock With You (Feat. Jake Pains, 김호연)
03. Holiday Drive (Feat. 김호연 of 달좋은밤)
04. 바다는 우리를 (Feat. Eva)
05. Make It (Feat. 모니카)
06. Final Fantasy (Soro Edition)
07. All I Wanna Do (Feat. Steve, 로맨틱멜로디초비)
08. 여름은 우리를 (Feat. Jinryang Toyokawa)
09. Road To Venue (Feat. Jake Pains)
10. 아리랑 (Korean Fantasy)
11. Wake Up Call(Feat. Steve Kim)
12. Way Home
13. Good Night



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