Dana – Vol.2 남겨둔 이야기

다나 (Dana) – 2집 남겨둔 이야기
Release Date: 2003.10.01
Genre: Ballad
Bit Rate: MP3-320K

Track List:
01. 길들이기 (Friend Vs Lover)
02. 남겨둔 이야기 (Maybe)
03. What Is Love
04. 바램 (Fight Till The End)
05. N&N (End And And)
06. 너를 꿈꾸며 (Love All I Need)
07. Dream
08. How 2 Love
09. I Will
10. Kiss Me
11. Unhappy Day
12. My Melody
13. What is Love(Modern Rock Ver.) (Streaming TraxX)
14. Swear (Streaming TraxX)
15. Wanna Be (Streaming TraxX)



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