A June & J Beat – Soul Store (B-Side)

에이준(A June), J Beat – Soul Store (B-Side)
Release Date: 2014.07.18
Genre: Rap

Track List:
01. ntro – Fear Eats The Soul
02. You Don`t Know My Name (Feat. Da Rebel Cause, Catalyst)
03. Free(Feat. Flaco Flow Y Melanina)
04. Grand Masters (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede)
05. Respeto Pa La Calle (Feat. Ballesteros, Cash Ya Boee
06. Love(Feat. The GonNita)
07. Dreamers(Feat. Z-O)
08. (Bonus Tracks) Tres Amigos (A June & J Beat Mix) (Feat. Percee P, Grand Arch, Evolution)


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